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TiAln coating

TiAln coating
TiAln coating

By adding Al to TiN is coated with improved more abrasion resistance and heat resistance. When operating temperature exceeds 700℃, the Al component and oxygen are combined by frictional heat, and strong Al2O3 is generated on the outermost layer, contributing to further improvement of the lifetime.

Oxidation resistance/ Heat resistance improving carbide
Cutting tools/ Cold heading tool
Punching dies/ SUS machining die (mold for processing)


TiAln coatingのレーダーチャート
High hardness

TiN and TiCN has been achieved over Hv3000, and the wear resistance due to hardness has been greatly improved.


Achieved high heat resistance of 800℃ which exceeds CrN.

  • High adhesion hardening: Hv3,000
  • Heat resistance temperature: 800℃
  • Friction coefficient: 0.55
  • Operating temperature: 500℃
  • Recommended film thickness: 3µm or more
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