CSR activities

EcoAction 21

SEAVAC initiatives

Global warming and environmental improvements based on the protocol of the climate change framework convention which was voted at the Kyoto conference on global warming prevention held in 1997.
SEAVAC participates in Eco Action 21 due to the purpose of reducing CO2. Specific initiatives include reduce for electricity consumption, exhaust gas, industrial waste, and various organic solvents.
Also, to improve environmental awareness We are working on taking the ``Certification Test for Environmental Specialists[Eco Test]®''. Each employee acquires knowledge about the environment, We aim to utilize this information in our work to create a better environment. As of April 2024, there are 34 successful applicants (eco-people). We will continue to strive to increase the number of successful candidates. Certification Test for Environmental Specialists[Eco Test]® is a registered trademark of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The results of last year are posted on the following site.


Quality improvement

Results of quality improvement activities

We have been building customer satisfaction and trusting relationships by continuously working on quality improvement activities to create and provide stable quality.
Specifically, the processing and engineering subcommittees come up with measures to improve current issues and take preventive measures against risks. We are also focusing on QC circle activities as an opportunity to take advantage of risks.

Health and safety management

Regarding our safety and health initiatives, we are working on improving the workplace environment in consideration of the safety, health of employees and safety activities surrounding area.