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TiCN-PVD coating

TiCN-PVD coating
TiCN-PVD coating

This coating has improved hardness by adding carbon (C) to TiN . Since the film thickness is almost same as TiN , it can be easily adopted as a upgrade version of TiN.

Abrasion resistance/Burn-in resistance improvement 
General cutting tools/Cold forging tool 
Press dies/Punching dies


TiCN-PVD coatingのレーダーチャート
High hardness

Increased to Hv2800 compared to Hv2300 for TiN

Seizure resistance

Seizure resistance is improved by adding slipperiness to TiN.

  • Film hardness: Hv2,800
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 400℃
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.40
  • Operating temperature: 500℃
  • Recommended film thickness: 2µm more
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