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S-PVD(TiN) coating

S-PVD(TiN) coating
S-PVD(TiN) coating

It is our long hit product that further improves the impact resistance and wear resistance of TiN. It achieves both high hardness and thickening, and supports long tool life and high surface pressure.

Abrasion resistance/Anti-adhesion
Cold forging tools/ Press fitting dies
Press dies/Drawing dies


S-PVD(TiN) coatingのレーダーチャート
High hardness

We have been realized the hardness improvement more than Hv2600 exceeding Hv2300 of TiN by our know-how.

Thick film

Generally, thickening is a factor that induces peeling due to the effect of compressive stress. With our know-how from former heat treatment manufacturer and stress relaxation technology, we have achieved both thickening and high adhesion.

  • Film hardness: Hv3,500
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 1,000℃
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.60
  • Operating temperature: 500℃
  • Recommended film thickness: 4µm more
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