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Vacuum heat treatment

Vacuum heat treatment
Vacuum heat treatment

In 1976, SEAVAC developed original vacuum furnace which took the first step in the Coating department. We work on the development of technology for vacuum heat treatment device that correspond with user needs and provides with higher quality services by introducing it to the coating department.

Vacuum heat treatment is recommended in this field


Excellent cooling performance

Uniformity and rapid cooling can provide by using a large volume fan and a large capacity of heat exchanger.

Reduce distortion by top and bottom cooling fans system.

Cooling fans are installed at the top and bottom of the cooling chamber to enable with less distortion by alternating operation.

Gas holding heating(Pattent technology)

Gas holding heating is possible to ensure uniform raising temperature even high temperature heating and to prevent metal welding.

Accuracy for temperature uniformity.

Four heaters with a large surface area are installed
in the heating chamber to ensure accuracy through uniform radiant heating.

Excellent thermal insulation effect

The combination of graphite board and graphite foil provides an excellent thermal insulation effect against heat shock by rapid heat and cooling.