ZERO-I Coating

Our newly developed ZERO-Ⅰ(zero-one) coating uses the advantages of S-PVD, TiAlN, and TC to achieve a high hardness, a high heat resistance, and lubricating properties. With its excellent abrasion resistance, it contributes to longer lifetimes.

Improves abrasion resistance,
heat resistance, Cold stamping
Cold forging, warm forging,
piercing dies
Stamping dies for High-tensile strength steel, fine blanking dies, etc.

We recommend our ZERO-I coating for the following areas


High hardness

In the auto industry, there is an increasing use of molds under harsh conditions that involve the processing of high-tensile strength steel or processes that increase the thickness of materials. There are problems in controlling local elastic deformations that give rise to peeling of coatings. ZERO-Ⅰ not only resolves these problems, but also achieves a high hardness of Hv3,500, which exceeds the hardness of TiCN and TiAlN.

High heat resistance

Achieves resistance at 1,000 °C, which is higher than for TiAlN. It addresses oxidation from the heat of friction during cold forging, which becomes the cause of seizing, and is also compatible with warm forging

High adhesion · Thicker films

Most PVD films have a thickness of 2 to 3μm. With ZERO-I, we have achieved both a high adhesion and thicker films via stress relaxation technologies. Therefore, we are able to improve the abrasion resistance, and also inhibit elastic deformations from occurring.

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